SAFE Signoscope PRO Watermark Finder

SAFE 9901 Signoscope PRO Optical-Electronic Watermark Finder and Verifier.State-of-the-art technology for pin-sharp accuracy – an absolute must in a collector's home!

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Optical-Electronic Watermark Finder and VerifierThe new generation – for much improved results!The watermark finder is a professional device and works with 8 different colors and 3 different daylight/white lamps can be set as central examination lamps. The colors can improve the research result because, for example, a stamp with a red background is irradiated with red light and the red printing ink, which can show through on the back of the stamp, is "neutralised". The watermark or repair is not disturbed by unwanted color influences and comes into its own better.A big advantage is that you can view and compare 2 stamps at the same time.In addition, 3 different heat settings of white light are available as central examination lamps.The Signoscope PRO works with 3 strong RGB LEDs (= 9 LEDs), which are very energy efficient and hardly susceptible to wear. The stepless adjustment of the light intensity (+/-) allows optimal illumination of the respective brand, whereby maximum light radiation does not necessarily lead to an optimal research result.The device comes with a USB adapter and can be connected to a power outlet or, for example, to a computer with a USB port. An instruction manual is also included (in German, English and German).For mobile use of the Signoscope PRO we recommend our SAFE power bank no. 9894. This is very space-saving and the housing is made of aluminum. The capacity is 2600 mAh (not included).

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